Monday 8-9pm FIT2FITE CLASS Everyone welcome Starting Monday 15th September 2014

FIT2FITEs blend of fluid combinations, dynamic techniques and progressive muscular strength and endurance component, embraces the fundamentals of physical and mental fitness as well as building strength, stamina and suppleness. The emphasis on technique, tension and intensity improves co-ordination and balance, develops core strength and increases cardiovascular fitness. These benefits are visually evident after a short period of regular attendance and committed, focused application.

FIT2FITE is a cost effective program requiring no equipment; just hands, legs and heart.
The program incorporates proven fighting techniques and combinations that are versatile and continually stimulating. The practically forged combinations of stances, punches, blocks and kicks generate a feeling of realism which stimulates the participant into working more purposefully and productively.
Pulsating funky uplifting music is tailored to drive the participants to their fitness threshold and beyond. The BPMs are set at a level that enables participants to execute techniques safely, technically and with the requisite intensity. FIT2FITEs component parts develop a feeling of personal improvement and achievement by building a knowledge base. This martial arts approach enhances an individuals ability to self assess their performance and workout feverishly with a smile.
FIT2FITEs distinguishing features:
It incorporates proven fighting techniques.
It emphasises toning through Tension, Technique and Strategic Intensity.
The pitch and intensity of the class is tailored to the music.
The pace (BPMs) enhances safety by ensuring correct body position prior to the execution of the technique.
It is an all over body workout.
It requires no apparatus
It is a non-contact martial art based aerobic experience.
Fitness and Fun for all the Family.
*BPM: Beats per minute.

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